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Hi HN! About a year ago I showed my side project Yare here (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27365961) and was overblown by the feedback and support. Since then a lot has changed and I'm excited to share the beta of 'Yare 2' (https://www.yare.io/).

The simple programming game has evolved into something a little more complex with the ability to not only control the units with code, but now practically anything is programmable. E.g. the players can build their own UI elements to play the game with (when you choose 'play with mouse and keyboard' on the homescreen, it showcases what is possible to create).

This is a passion project that I don't plan to anyhow excessively monetize and will be always free to play, but I'm worried that it's perhaps growing into a too chaotic/confusing game and losing its initial simplicity.

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