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I worked in the auto industry for several years and this is something I feel is important for people to know. Everyone wants a luxury car and buying them used isn't usually too bad, but when they break and it comes time to fix it; what would normally cost $200 on a Honda is $1,200 on a BMW.

Be mindful of the repair costs on a car before you buy them.

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I break spaghetti in half because my kids make less of a mess when eating it....

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"From what I saw, Max is just happy to crash with Lewis and that is what every single flash-point was [this year], bar the brake testing which is something different entirely. But every incident where they are racing wheel-to-wheel, it is Max saying 'hey, if we crash, we crash' and Lewis saying 'I really do not want to crash, because it is going to be really bad for the championship'. And this goes back to day two in Imola and day four in Barcelona."

"It has been the case a lot this year, but now we are getting to the end of the season and Max has had the slower car for the last few, maybe it was the quicker car this weekend in the race it was hard to tell because of the tire differences, but he certainly had a better car in qualifying - anyway."

"Every one of these incidents, he is putting his car in a position that is saying 'either I am going to exit this corner ahead, or neither of us are going to exit the corner', which is an impossible way to go racing with someone. And of course if they crash, then Max has one hand on the trophy, he has 8 points [on Lewis] and does not even need to beat Lewis in Abu Dhabi - and if neither of them score points in Abu Dhabi, then Max is the champion so he will race like this again."

"And it is a really tricky thing trying to figure out how to work with this from here as a sport to try and just have a fair fight. Because it does not feel it is quite that at the moment, and where we are at now, for the second race of three where, basically, rather than being overtaken on track the stewards are having to just give a five-second penalty, in Brazil they did not but they should have. Max is not going to be overtaken on the track, he is going to cover the inside, not let anyone round the outside and if he goes off-track then 'to hell with it' but 'give me a penalty if you want, but I am not backing down'."

Link to podcast: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0b8b4m3 (starts at around 9:30)

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Many people (mostly from the conservative/libertarian side) keep saying that because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the government took away a lot of our freedoms, or that the government used the pandemic to reduce our freedoms and control us even more. But I don’t see where we lost any of our freedoms, and therefore don’t understand what these people are talking about.

I don’t feel like I lost any freedoms because of the pandemic. I still went to work as usual (unless I was quarantined for possible exposure). My freedom of speech to talk about Covid never got restricted or censored in any way, I still got to travel to most places freely so as long as I followed protocols like masks or social distancing. I got the Covid-19 vaccine willingly and never felt threatened or coerced into taking it with violence or some other harm, and wearing a mask isn’t/wasn’t me trading my freedoms away; it was part of a group effort to mitigate the pandemic as much as possible. Again, I don’t see how anyone lost their freedoms in any way because of the pandemic. So what am I missing?

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  • No co-op
  • No level select
  • No Forge
  • No Slayer playlist in PVP
  • No Swat in the game at all
  • No career stat/medal tracking
  • Many items stripped out of the battle pass to put in the store
  • No armor customization earned from just playing the game.
  • You have to pay for the color blue.
  • Red too...that is a separate charge.
  • No cross-core customization
  • Weaponized FOMO out the ass...worse than most mobile games
  • Poorly designed challenges that discourage playing to win and suck the fun out of everything.
  • "Challenge Swaps" - Let's design a system that is so fucking bad it's painful...then sell a consumable to "alleviate" it.
  • These consumables also make great filler to replace the cool armor we removed from the battle pass.
  • Points scored during the match are like the points they score in Who's Line is it, Anyway...the points don't mean anything.
  • Win, lose...go 0-20 K/D...doesn't matter. Here's your (paltry) per-match everyone gets the same prize XP dump.

Honestly...what the fuck has been going on for the last six years? The state of this game is a horrible fucking joke and both 343i and Microsoft should be ashamed of what has been done to this franchise.


Big oversight on my part...

  • Forced cross-play with PC
  • Now I have to deal with cheaters...
  • ...at least there are robust anti-cheat measures in place. Oh, wait...

Also, I'm already seeing comments about how "well" the game works...

So, when I get shot though the corner, how do I tell if it is the shitty hit detection, or a PC player who's cheating?

This has been nothing short of a masterclass in incompetence.

EDIT #2:

Okay, so this has become...active. let me clarify a few points...

  1. I did not mean to take the shot at PC that clearly people have perceived.. no, I am not under the delusion that console players do not cheat. Let's try this again...


  • Forced cross play...PC players have to deal with aim assist. Console players have to deal with hardware that can render at 120 fps. Let's just all band together and agree that cross play should be optional, okay?
  1. I play on Xbox. There are a whole host of PC centric issues I simply cannot speak to.

  2. Similarly, I have never been a high end ultra competitive/ranked player. In any game. Simply not my thing. Please fill in all the ways that Ranked is fucked up for me...I'm just not that guy.

  3. Lots of bagging on the net code in the comments...maybe this game isn't as rock solid as the shills want us to believe it is?

Finally...am I just realizing that there isn't voice chat in the game at all?!?! How the fuck did that not make the OP?

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