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MSI 2022

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Royal Never Give Up 1-0 T1

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MATCH 1: RNG vs. T1

Winner: Royal Never Give Up in 32m | Player of the Game: GALA

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
RNG leblanc graves akali braum jax 63.3k 24 9 I1 H4 B6 HT7
T1 lucian wukong nocturne viego lee sin 57.7k 14 6 H2 M3 HT5
RNG 24-14-54 vs 14-24-29 T1
Bin camille 3 2-7-9 TOP 3-6-7 4 gwen Zeus
Wei volibear 3 1-4-13 JNG 3-5-5 2 xin zhao Oner
Xiaohu ahri 1 7-1-14 MID 4-4-4 1 zoe Faker
GALA kaisa 2 12-0-6 BOT 3-3-5 1 ezreal Gumayusi
Ming nautilus 2 2-2-12 SUP 1-6-8 3 leona Keria

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Hi Reddit! This is Kelly Anderson, and I started the cloning process of my late cat in 2017 with ViaGen Pets. Yes, actually cloned, as in they created a genetic copy of my cat. I got my kitten in October 2021. She’s now 9-months-old and the polar opposite of the original cat in many ways. (I anticipated she would be due to a number of reasons and am beyond over the moon with the clone.) Happy to answer any questions as best I can! Clone: Belle / Original: Chai

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/y4DARtW

Additional proof: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/video/woman-spends-25k-clone-cat-83451745

Proof #3: I have also sent the Bill of Sale to the admin as confidential proof.

UC Davis Genetic Marker report (comparing Chai's DNA to Belle's): https://imgur.com/lfOkx2V

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